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There is a range of accessories available that can expand your hearing aids capabilities to address specific concerns or difficulties. Upon your Free Consultation, your hearing care provider may recommend a device like this to fit your individual needs


Most hearing aids can now connect to a smartphone via the manufacturer's app to adjust your hearing aids. For those that would rather have a dedicated remote control just for their hearing aids, the remote control is a great option.

Mini Remote Mic

Enjoy one on one conversations in noisy environments with the small, easy to use microphone. Clip it on to the clothing of the person you are speaking to for direct streaming to your hearing devices. You can also use it as a wireless streamer by placing it next to the sound source you are trying to listen to.

Table Microphone
TV Streamer

Wireless streaming from your TV directly through your hearing aids. This allows the user to enjoy TV with precision quality and comfort regardless of environmental factors.

Remote Microphone +
Vision Aid Compatible
SurfLink Mini Mobile
SurfLink Media 2
SurfLink Remote
SurfLink Remote Microphone 2

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