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Explore Livio Edge AI

Next-Generation in Sound Performance

Livio Edge AI gives you an edge over other hearing aids with powerful artificial intelligence in every device. Our game-changing sound with AI technology improves speech understanding for those with significant hearing loss and helps in the most difficult listening environments. Experience the most complete line of rechargeable hearing aids. To learn more about hearing aids visit us in De Land, FL, Kissimmee, FL, New Smyrna Beach, FL, Oviedo, FL, PT ORANGE, FL, Sarasota, FL, Wesley Chapel, FL, and Edgewater, FL.

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man wearing face mask while wearing hearing iad

Made for Masks

Face masks and social distancing make hearing harder than ever. Our hearing aids can help.

  • Our custom hearing aids won’t tangle with or get pulled off when wearing or removing face masks.
  • Edge Mode for Masks delivers an on-demand boost for speech audibility with just a tap of your hearing aids.
  • Automatically optimizes for social distancing and background noise.

Mild-to-severe hearing loss

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Mild-to-moderate hearing loss


Mild-to-moderate hearing loss


Moderate-to-severe hearing loss


Mild-to-severe hearing loss

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