Hearing Aids Deland Fl

Enjoying Better Hearing

  1. Have a conversation without straining to hear?
  2. Stop feeling left out of conversations.
  3. Hear the birds singing, even from a distance?
  4. Avoid embarrassment and never have to say “What?” again?

Experiencing hearing loss? we know it can seem like something that should just come naturally is suddenly so hard.

If you can’t hear as well as you used to, you might try to compensate by lip reading, sitting in the front row and watching others around you, to make sure you laugh when they do, even when you missed the joke or only caught parts of sentences. After a while, you can find yourself making excuses to stay home because, well–it just seems easier. That’s no way to live!

At Hometown Hearing Centers Deland Fl, we understand how important your sense of hearing is to your quality of life and your well-being. Better hearing equates to better living.

Deland Fl Hearing AidsDon’t let hearing loss rule your life. Discover today what we’ve accomplished for so many others in . Through our audiology services, we’ve helped them regain control of their lives. We can help you in the same way by providing solutions to help make speech clearer through highly sophisticated hearing technology and also offering effective strategies to make communicating with family members, friends, and colleagues easier. Better hearing is just a phone call away where you start of a FREE hearing test. 

What are hearing aids?

A hearing aid is a small electronic device that increases the loudness of sound to help people hear. It has a microphone, an amplifier, a speaker and a battery. The microphone receives sound waves and turns them into electrical signals.

The amplifier receives these electrical signals and increases their power before sending them to your ear through a speaker.

How can I get hearing aids?

If you think you have hearing loss, you should have a FREE hearing test at one of our locations.

Hearing Aids Deland Fl

Hearing Aids Oviedo, FL

After the test, you will be advised whether or not a hearing aid might suit you. We understand not everyone with a hearing loss will need or want to use a hearing aid.

If you are not eligible for the government program, you may be able to get a hearing aid from a hearing aid bank, which reconditions donated hearing aids. If you have private insurance, check if you are covered for hearing aids.

Types of hearing aids

There are several types of hearing aids. Hearing aids can vary in size, special features, price and the way they are placed in your ear. Hearing aids are worn in or behind the ear.

Behind-the-ear hearing aids are relatively easy to clean and maintain. Hearing aids that are placed in the ear are smaller and harder to clean. Speak to your doctor or audiologist about finding the right types of hearing aids for you.

Tips for using hearing aids

  • Wear the hearing aid for short periods and in quiet places to start with.
  • Ask your hearing practitioner how to wear, adjust and clean your hearing aid.
  • Keep batteries away from children and pets as they are dangerous if swallowed.

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